Best honeymoon destinations of Europe

Best honeymoon destinations of Europe

Europe is one of the continents and that is located in the northern hemisphere and partially in the southern hemisphere.

They are more famous for romantic places and people mostly select this European country for the honeymoon. When you are going to get married and dreaming to take a trip to the honeymoon with your better half you can prefer any of those countries in Europe.

Most people suggest the European country is best for honeymoon and you can select any of those countries like France, Portugal, Greece, Croatia and much more.

Here are some of those recommended places to help you in your selection process:


Paris the country which is well known for the romance and for the honeymoon it will be the best place for honeymoon destinations in Europe and you can consider the most.

Paris will be one of the most favorite cities for most of the peoples and they are also called the city of lights.

The building construction, delicious French foods, iconic honeymoon special hotels, great shopping mall, and shopping areas and the world-class museums of the city will surprise you. Paris has almost everything that you are looking for and this is the reason why you are falling for the city.


Venice is considered to be one of the most romantic places on earth. And when it comes to the honeymoon destination Venice offers you with the worthy hotel suites, hidden alleys that is to lose yourself with your love and you can also find the best candlelit restaurants.

For centuries, the love couples used to go rides through the canals and the city will stun you with their laneways to wander with love of your life.



The Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and this is the reason why you can also choose this spot for your honeymoon.

The nature of Iceland will make you fall in love with your better half and the intimacy between the couple get increases when they are in very cold places for their honeymoon. They also contained the beautiful glaciers and striking waterfalls to make you surprise at each step in Iceland.

Final thoughts

These are the very few places to honeymoon in Europe that you can prefer as your honeymoon destination. Still, there are more in the list to grasp the knowledge on it take time and get to know about it before making the final decision.