Make your face bright with sunscreen powder

Make your face bright with sunscreen powder

In nowadays, sunscreen is the most important part of any skincare routine. According to the report, we can spend more money on oils, retinol, and vitamin C but without the sun lights, this sun protection is waste.

We will use or apply sunscreen or moisturizer for many years and the major part to use sunscreen in our body is a face, which has regular contact with sun and for many people there is a huge doubt that what to apply first the sunscreen or moisturizer first?

Types of sunscreen:

There are 2 types of sunscreen which are physical and chemical. The physical will contains mineral ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which will reflect the sun’s lights and the chemical sunscreen will contain usually ingredients like oxybenzone, octinoxate, and avobenzone.

While you using chemical-based sunscreen, it will quickly degrade it exposes to the sun. But the physical sunscreen is like a bulletproof which will withstand for a long time while compare with the chemical sunscreen.

Conditions to apply:

According to some reports, sunscreen should apply close to your eyes until the end and made it into two layers. The layering also depends on the sunscreen, which is lotion or powder.


The lotion will be applied after the moisture otherwise kindles mix the lotion with moisture, then apply to the skin (under eyes).



If you are applying the powder, then it should be applied like a top of the makeup like a finishing touch for face, one of the best options in the powder is that we can reapply at any time throughout the day.

Method to apply:

In the morning kindly make the gentle cleansing of the face, and apply the product of active ingredients like vitamin C, then apply the base layer of sunshine before moisturize. Applying sunscreen before or after moisturize will make your face more bright in sunlight.