Use the sunscreen in a natural way

Use the sunscreen in a natural way

Nowadays many sunscreens in the market contain more chemicals and that chemical will cause much damage to our skin. Just like the foods, we have to know the ingredients and the mixtures of the product.

Most probably ingredients should avoid in the sunscreen because our skin is a very good absorb element, whichever we put in the skin, it will directly get into the bloodstream. There are many types of mixtures used in sunscreen and all these are mentioned below.

Chemical filters:

At most all the sunscreen product will contain a small number of chemicals and it will display in the backside of the product that is oxybenzone, avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate and octinoxate.

This are chemicals used us to prevent from sunlight easily and also bad stuff in sunscreen, but it has huge disadvantage that is it will enter into the skin and burnt our liver and also stops the Harmon secretion.

One of the major reports published that this chemical will be stored in the body up to 85 percent and it will easily expose to the babies.

Titanium dioxide Nanoparticle:

A nanoparticle is used in sunscreen because it will absorb solar radiation and also it has one major drawback that it will easily enter into the skin and affect the bloodstream and also the titanium will cause lung damage.

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And it will provide the often damage to the children because they use to play on the floor and touch their feet and keep it their mouth so there are many chances to swallow it has it is tiny.

Spray sunscreen:

It is flammable and more toxic to the environment and the sunscreen bottle contains the caution to use and it is easily mixed with the environment and enters into our body by breathing process.

The natural way sunscreen is better and chemical used avoid in sunscreen which made your skin and body in a healthy manner